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It is possible for any woman to become successful and in charge of their own life. All that you have to do is make the decision to do so and follow thru. With Dean Graziosi’s proven system, women are able to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.
With the current financial and real estate melt down an opportunity has been created like never before in history. Times are scary right now for the average person but for someone who knows how to capitalize on this current market it is a dream come true. I think everyone can agree that having more freedom, wealth, confidence and security is what we work towards.
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Enrolling in the Real Estate Success Academy is one of the best business decisions you could ever make, if you truly want to give yourself every advantage, in your quest for real estate investing success.

There's a saying "school is never out for the pro." You constantly need to keep learning, to keep filling your mind with the right knowledge. Equally important, is interaction with supportive people, in the right environment, if you want to really SUPERCHARGE your success. Now, if the idea of "school" scares you, don't worry. This will be some of the most fun and most profitable learning you've ever experienced.

It is so much more than just getting the knowledge you need to do deals, it's about being a part of, and staying connected to a unique COMMUNITY of other success minded investors like yourself.

It's being a part of an Alumnus...a "functional family" that UNDERSTANDS your desires, fears and frustrations.
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Become A Successful Woman With Dean Graziosi’s Academy

It is possible for any woman to become successful and in charge of their own life. All that you have to do is make the decision to do so and follow thru. With Dean Graziosi’s proven system, women are able to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

How Can I Become a Successful Woman?

The Greatest Truths About Successful Women: How A Woman Can Achieve Financial Independence, Professional Freedom, And Personal Joy

Did you know that women are uniquely qualified for success? Any woman can become a powerful, successful and independent person. All that she needs is the right guidance and the right tools. One of the first steps that a woman can take to start taking control of her life is to stop feeling like a victim and recognize that she has the power to change, to be strong and independent.

A powerful woman is in control of her life and her happiness. An independent woman usually feels confident about herself and what she can achieve. She is a woman who has a high self-esteem and who is able to overcome obstacles.

Many times the only thing separating a woman from being successful is her level of self-esteem and the limits that she imposes upon herself.

Sadly, because of different situations and bad experiences, many women view themselves as victims and often feel worth less and powerless about their present situation.

Many times a woman can feel bad about herself because of a lack of education, work experience and the way she was raised.

Many homemakers view themselves as just “moms” or “housewives". Many single mothers feel that they just can’t move ahead because of all the responsibilities that they have, that there isn’t just any time or energy in them to take care of themselves and seek for brighter opportunities.

What traits and qualities does a successful woman have? Why is she the same or different from other women? How can these traits be applied to help you to become a more successful woman? These are common questions that most women have, however the answer is easy. Any successful woman can tell you that there was a point in their life where things were not as they wished they were and they made the decision and commitment to change that situation.

Many times, women are motivated by learning about other women who were in similar situations to the one they in and that somehow where able to turn their life around and now are happy and fulfilled women.
Sometimes, all that it takes is for a woman to find a good role model that can help her become strong and confident. Not all women were lucky enough to have a good female role model growing up. The presence of strong female influences during childhood can help mold a young woman’s character and will later on influence a woman’s future path. These positive role models are a priceless commodity to any woman.

A Successful Woman

A successful woman by definition is capable of balancing her career and family demands, performing great at work and being a pattern wife. By learning how to balance their life and prioritize, these women successfully balance the different spheres of their life. Successful women do not see themselves as just doing a job. It is their own desire to become business women and to be able to live their lives to the fullest.
Women have special attributes due to their gender that can be employed to create wealth and success. Some of these characteristics are intuition, sensitivity, creativity, passion and nurturing.

Another important factor that helps a woman develop confidence is a support system. Usually this system is presented in the form of sisterhood. When women have a positive support group they are able to accomplish so much more.

In this manner, women are also able to inspire the young women of tomorrow with visions of success. Women are able to do any job and pursue any career option.

Important Money Statistics Amongst Women
Studies have found that while women are increasingly adopting healthy attitudes about money, psychological traits prevent them from acting on those beliefs. They also reported that fear of failure and fear of the unknown are the biggest obstacles to a woman's financial success.

54% of the woman surveyed said they postponed financial decisions for fear of making a mistake.

58% worry after making a big money decision.

74% said lack of knowledge about how to select financial instruments is the biggest stumbling block to becoming more active investors.

There is a direct correlation between a woman's personality characteristics and her financial habits. Assertiveness, openness to change and an optimistic outlook are the qualities that tend to lead to smart money choices.

For instance, out of the 58% of women who said they feel in control of the direction their life is taking, 56% save and invest on a monthly basis and 33% make saving and investing for retirement a top priority.
In contrast, of the 42% who don't feel in control of the direction their life is taking, only 39% save and invest regularly and only 17% make saving and investing for retirement a priority.

More Opportunities For Women Today
Nowadays women have more opportunity to realize themselves not only in business but in any field. Times have changed and nowadays there are more opportunities for women than ever before. This gives women an opportunity to take up positions previously dominated by men, create businesses and become successful, even without leaving their homes.

It is not rare to hear stories about famous women in business, top women CEOs and executives, rising women entrepreneurs and business owners, women on fire, women in politics, and working moms making it big.

Women have the ability to become successful as well as men since they are perfect in managing people, establish business relations, cope with stressful situations and solve problems.

Money Making Opportunities For Women

Due to many different circumstances, traditional jobs may not be an option for many women. Today, these women such as stay at home moms or just women who are looking for additional income have a wide range of options that can work with their lifestyle and schedule. Dean Graziosi presents these women with a great option to profit from real estate in an easy way. Learn some ways you can make it work for you.
An education is the best defense for any problem that a woman may encounter with her self-confidence and self-esteem. Women that are a successful today are not just corporate executives, but also homemakers who were able to create a business operation right from their own home. Dean Graziosi can teach you just how to do it and all the necessary techniques that you need to achieve financial freedom.

Becoming A Successful Woman Today!

Even today, women remain stuck behind economic barriers that put them in economic jeopardy. These barriers have been built from cultural messages that have created a psychological mindset in women, preventing many of them from getting and using money and the resources available to them to their best advantage.

According to the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER):

* Three out of four working women earn less than $25,000 year.
* Nine out of ten working women earn less than $40,000.
* Half of all women work in traditionally female, relatively low paid jobs without pensions.
* Women's earnings average 74 cents for every dollar earned by a man—a lifetime loss of over $250,000.

Women also change jobs more often, are more likely to leave the workforce to care for children or parents, are more conservative with their money, and save less.

A woman's money belief system directly affects her behavior and how she manages money. Money beliefs as emotional responses to childhood money training that often keep women from adopting positive money management skills. The cultural message women receive as girls is: "You don't have to take care of yourself financially." And many women don't.

A woman's economic future is held captive by their attitudes and beliefs about money and the results are daunting. Below are alarming interesting facts for women:

* Women are less likely to receive a pension and those who do receive a pension get half as much as men.
* In 1995, Social Security was the sole source of income for 18 percent of unmarried women 65 and older; 33 percent depended on it for at least 90 percent of their income.
* Over 58 percent of female baby boomers have less than $10,000 saved in a pension plan or 401(k) plan. In comparison, male boomers have saved three times more in pension programs.
* Among women 35 to 55 years old, between one-third and two-thirds will be impoverished by age 70.
* The average female born between 1946 and 1964 will likely be in the work force until she is 74 years old due to inadequate financial savings and pension coverage and will not have adequate resources to maintain the same standard of living prior to age 65.

Taking Control Today

Making a decision to change your financial future is the most important thing a woman can do to break down the money barriers in her live. It is necessary for a woman to bring to money the same sense of clarity, the same sense of intelligence, the same sense of intuitiveness that we bring to other parts her life.

It is that kind of attention backed by a proven system to profit like Dean Graziosi’s; that will help women rebuild their financial future and put them on the road to greater economic security.

Comments for "Laura J's Journal"
19 February 2012, 9:15 pm
Open House

How did the Open House go? Did you put the marble on ebay or craigslist yet? Hope all went well and the building is rented with clothed individuals!

15 February 2012, 7:48 pm
hey stranger

haven't talked to you in forever. are you still doing deals with rina?
i think you were getting ready to move out of the farmhouse last time we talked. as for me i've finally done my first deal right before the new year.
yippie for me. it also means i'm way behind for this year, but my edge tickets are already paid for and i'm planning on 4+ deals before i get there.
keep moving forward, rob

20 January 2012, 3:44 pm
Hi Laura

Just finished reading your journal; it is so amazing that we can read it and follow the thread of your success! very impressive!
I can see that you stopped adding more entries since last year; I'm sure you must be really busy with your deals-congratulations on everything that you have accomplished, and thank you for posting it here for all of us to learn from you!

Learning and progressing every day,

29 June 2011, 9:50 pm
Ms Laura Johnson!!!!!!!

Hello there my friend!

Oh my goodness, it has been quite a while!

I have been AWOL from this site for some time, I miss it. I am making every effort to catch up.

I promised myself that I would read your journal all the way through some time ago but never had a chance ... it is on my summer reading list Smiling

Hope all is well with you and your investing!

Love Angela

7 June 2011, 8:58 pm
Hi Judi

Thanks for your kind comments, for reading my journal and making it the place of your very first post - I'm honored Smiling So sorry I missed meeting you at the EDGE! Its great you got to be there if even for a little bit! Good luck with your goals in real estate! Write them down - its such a powerful way to make them come true and hold yourself accountable to them! I swear by it and write new ones for each day Smiling As far as doing deals - I am super busy with my partners here in KC right now, but we are always willing to look at any deals fellow investors want to send us to take a look. You can always reach me in a pm with details. So keep up the good work and set your goals high and go for it!

7 June 2011, 8:53 pm

Hey girl! It was great meeting you in person too! So we will look forward to trading cards next time around lol Smiling Dont be so hard on yourself! You are doing awesome! Keep working and each day brings you closer to posting about your first deal being done Smiling I know what you mean about contractors, but its like everything else in this business. We keep going until we find the right people for our teams. Right now we are having two different new crews do a house each. They are actually both doing an awesome job for a good price so far - so we may have finally found not one but two here in KC! So you just gotta keep on keeping on, working hard, putting the time and effort in and it will all fall in place Smiling

5 June 2011, 10:53 am
New and thanks for the Inspiration

I have spent the last few days and nights reading journals on the DG site. I have read yours and Rina's and am so inspired by all that you have done and how far you have come. I attended one day of the Edge event this year and talked to Rina briefly but did not get a chance to meet you.

I have done a few deals where I live in California, but have the goal of doing this full time by the end of the calendar year. It is very scary, since I have worked for the federal government my entire career as a park ranger.

I am just starting to use the coaches and website much more. I am very interested in investing with others who are already successful with Dean's techniques. Is there any chance to invest with you? Or any words of wisdom.

This is my first post


4 June 2011, 2:37 pm
Hey Laura

It was wonderful meeting you at the EDGE! There are so many people's business cards I didn't get, yours was one of them.

Way to go on locking up the properties and getting teams going. I feel like I'm slacking. So many of you from the EDGE have properties under contract and here I sit still trying to lock them up. Sad Contractors drive me crazy sometimes. I have few good ones I use for different types of work. I found a new guy I'm trying for my next rehab project that I **HOPE** to be posting about soon!

Take care!

19 May 2011, 10:30 pm
Jonhs Realty

Hi! Thanks for dropping in and posting. Fear can either motivate us or paralyze us, so take it and use it to your advantage! Take the time to learn and then take action but remember KNOWLEDGE + Action = Results!!!! You have to have both parts of the equation! All the best to you Smiling

19 May 2011, 10:25 pm
Hey Linda

Thanks for posting - I will definitely post more info on the deals soon! So how are things with you?

19 May 2011, 4:59 pm

Am totaly new in real estate,am terrified but am willing to follow through.Once and for all i want to change my life and i strongly feel i will.GOD BLESS.

19 May 2011, 11:27 am

i hope when you get the time, you will fill us in on some of the details of those deals. it's great to hear how creative and interesting the deals are. Smiling

your DG sister,

19 May 2011, 10:03 am

I am SO sorry to all of you who have posted and I didnt get the time for a personal reply. Please know I have read every post and thank you for them and follow all of you even tho I dont always post.
The EDGE was awesome as it is every year, and I strongly encourage anyone who hasnt attended to put it on the top of your goal list for next year. Its life changing for sure. The motivation, inspiration and knowledge you come away with courses through your veins and sticks with you to keep you going once you get home!!
Right before the EDGE my partners and I closed on 3 deals within two weeks, and so I came back and hit the ground coordinating contractors to begin work. We are still searching for crews we want on our power team - so I am hiring a different one for each house!! Its pretty crazy busy but all good. Right now I should have been to Lowes already with my materials lists placing the orders, so I do have to get my arse movin!! Cant start the work without them. And we have interested people waiting to see them for lease options too. Cool! Smiling
Have a great day everyone and keep taking action!!!

25 April 2011, 11:36 pm
Hi Laura

Nice to hear from you I am glad ou are doing well in KC. what is going on? What have you been doing? There is always lots to do. It is hard for me to make time to post too. But hey sounds like you are still a busy bee. thanks for stopping by to say hello the DG family.

2 April 2011, 10:48 pm
Hello All

So hows everyone doing in my DG fam? I have been reading and keeping up with most of you, but havent managed to post lately. Things are going great for me here in KC, I really like it. I'm still amazed every day how my life has changed since starting real estate in 2008. And it was just taking it day by day, being committed, absorbing all the knowledge Dean imparts and that everyone shares on this site and TAKING ACTION! So all the best to everyone, and a big thanks to those of you who post here and havent forgotten me in my absence haha.

13 March 2011, 2:32 pm
sounds like you aredoing great

I just finished reading your journal and it has been inspirational. I cant wait to be where you are in my REI journey. Looking forward to seeing more on your deals. Thanks for taking the time to keep this journal as it inspires many of us here in this DG family.

9 March 2011, 8:35 pm
Hey my friend, Great talking

Hey my friend, Great talking to ya and you know I love bouncing ideas back and forth with ya along with picking your brain for your REI knowledge.
Congrats on the long awaited closing.
Talk to ya soon.

17 February 2011, 1:54 pm
Happy Birthday Laura,

Happy Birthday Laura, Ididn't know thanks Linda

17 February 2011, 1:41 pm

hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year!!!

30 January 2011, 8:23 am

great to hear from you !! i know you are kickin it in kc and want to congratulate you on the wisc deal .A win win for all is about the best news anyone can spread and i know all your deals are geared towards that exact outcome !! always great to hear good news for those MAKIN IT HAPPEN !!!!

30 January 2011, 8:12 am

Congrats, on the move and the new ventures. Sounds like WI treated you well and here's hoping the same about KC. Look forward to hearing more from you and seeing you at the EDGE.

29 January 2011, 10:55 pm
Yes - I'm still alive and kicking :)

Man oh man how time flies! Hello DG family! There has been so much going on in my life, its hard to know where to begin. First, thanks to all who have posted here even in my absence - you guys are great:) Deshone - I am humbled by your kind words, and as always amazed that my story can so inspire others- thank you!
So lets see - I am out of Wisconsin now...still have 5 income props there myself, and two with Rina - but it is no longer my home. I'm in Missouri now, but at the moment homeless haha. Living in an extended stay hotel while I find myself a place. Have an offer in (and supposedly accepted) on a little townhouse. Its with HUD, and a great deal, but until I have the keys in my hand I'm not calling it a done deal. As of now they havent even given a closing date. So its a big change - from an 81 acre farm in Wisconsin to a city girl! But I love all the changes that RE has brought to me and am really enjoying the thrill of having control of my life (or at least getting more control every day haha). There are certainly nights where I say to myself "what the heck have I done?!" - but that passes quickly with the visions of my future successes and adventures that await!
I just finished my last rehab in Wisc., and got it lease/optioned to a young couple who are just so thrilled to have the opportunity of owning their own home. I worked with them to introduce them to someone at the bank who is going to help them build their credit over the year and finance them at buy out time, so its really going to be a win-win. And thats what its all about! It was really nice to see their dreams coming true while mine were too at the same time! They told me something too that made a big impression on me. They said when they went to put the utilites in their name - the lady pulled up the address and said "oh - New Start Properties- she is SO nice". It really struck me then that without really realizing it, I had built a business and a reputation in town while working on my properties where people were saying good things about me. I just never really thought about that - but it felt really good. I wanted to share it though not to brag how nice I am haha Smiling, but to impress that in your business dealings always treat every person with respect -as you want to be treated- no matter how big or small their job is. Its those relationships you build that will be the backbone of your business!
Ok - I've been long winded and not sure I made the point I was trying to, but its time for shut eye.
I will visit other posts and journals and catch up on all of you in the coming days!
All the best to everyone!

24 January 2011, 6:28 pm

Laura, I have been reading your journal entry all day (lot of downtime at work) and this is truly a testimony as to what can happen when you stay focused and take action. Seeing you start on that first flip and then the second and watching you layout the things you've learned along the way is amazing. Now you're about to move to Wisconsin(that's where I am in your journal, I know I've got plenty more to read and cant wait, Lol) I truly thank God for Dean and everyone here on because you can't put a price on what a community/family like this would cost, it is really PRICELESS!!

I'm working here in NJ and plan to build some capital assigning contracts so that I can invest in some rentals to build my wealth, so Laura, I would love to know, when you were out here what areas were people buying in? I know properties in Newark are cheap and cashflow great, but I don't want to deal with the headaches of a bad neighborhood. Thanks in advance. (Now back to reading)

24 January 2011, 12:39 pm
I'm Lovin It!!!!

Sitting here reading these posts is so exciting, and I cant wait to get off work to go put these bandit signs up. Laura you are truly a leader, way to make it happen!!

24 January 2011, 10:45 am
Great Job, Congrats Laura

Congrats Laura, I was just reading through you first deal and I must say that was pretty phenomenal work on your end. My only question is when you're rehabbing how to you make sure the house gets sold after you rehab it. Do you list it through a realtor or what? How do you price it out to know it will sell and make sure you don't end up holding onto it like so many others are doing with their houses right now? Thanks for sharing your story.

Deshone - Mr. Real Estate

3 January 2011, 8:41 pm

how you doin girl, haven't heard from you in awhile. thought i'd stop by and say hi. just a li'l holler to let you know i haven't forgotten you.
keep moving forward, rob

2 January 2011, 12:01 am
Happy New Year

May this coming year treat you well both finacially and personally.

2 January 2011, 12:01 am
Happy New Year

May this coming year treat you well both finacially and personally.

1 January 2011, 10:17 pm
Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 to all my friends here at DG! I plan to set some time aside in the next week to catch up here and reply to everyone who has posted while I've been off. So just a quick wish to everyone that 2011 sees everyones dreams come to reality, and that success and wealth on all levels of life lies ahead for all! Much love, me

1 January 2011, 8:03 pm
To You!

Cheers and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year's to you. I wish you the very best in 2011 Laura. You are an inspiration to all. I thank you for all of your support.
CAthy L