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It is possible for any woman to become successful and in charge of their own life. All that you have to do is make the decision to do so and follow thru. With Dean Graziosi’s proven system, women are able to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.
With the current financial and real estate melt down an opportunity has been created like never before in history. Times are scary right now for the average person but for someone who knows how to capitalize on this current market it is a dream come true. I think everyone can agree that having more freedom, wealth, confidence and security is what we work towards.
Dean Graziosi's Real Estate Success Academy
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Enrolling in the Real Estate Success Academy is one of the best business decisions you could ever make, if you truly want to give yourself every advantage, in your quest for real estate investing success.

There's a saying "school is never out for the pro." You constantly need to keep learning, to keep filling your mind with the right knowledge. Equally important, is interaction with supportive people, in the right environment, if you want to really SUPERCHARGE your success. Now, if the idea of "school" scares you, don't worry. This will be some of the most fun and most profitable learning you've ever experienced.

It is so much more than just getting the knowledge you need to do deals, it's about being a part of, and staying connected to a unique COMMUNITY of other success minded investors like yourself.

It's being a part of an Alumnus...a "functional family" that UNDERSTANDS your desires, fears and frustrations.
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Become A Successful Woman With Dean Graziosi’s Academy

It is possible for any woman to become successful and in charge of their own life. All that you have to do is make the decision to do so and follow thru. With Dean Graziosi’s proven system, women are able to create better opportunities for themselves and their families.

How Can I Become a Successful Woman?

The Greatest Truths About Successful Women: How A Woman Can Achieve Financial Independence, Professional Freedom, And Personal Joy

Did you know that women are uniquely qualified for success? Any woman can become a powerful, successful and independent person. All that she needs is the right guidance and the right tools. One of the first steps that a woman can take to start taking control of her life is to stop feeling like a victim and recognize that she has the power to change, to be strong and independent.

A powerful woman is in control of her life and her happiness. An independent woman usually feels confident about herself and what she can achieve. She is a woman who has a high self-esteem and who is able to overcome obstacles.

Many times the only thing separating a woman from being successful is her level of self-esteem and the limits that she imposes upon herself.

Sadly, because of different situations and bad experiences, many women view themselves as victims and often feel worth less and powerless about their present situation.

Many times a woman can feel bad about herself because of a lack of education, work experience and the way she was raised.

Many homemakers view themselves as just “moms” or “housewives". Many single mothers feel that they just can’t move ahead because of all the responsibilities that they have, that there isn’t just any time or energy in them to take care of themselves and seek for brighter opportunities.

What traits and qualities does a successful woman have? Why is she the same or different from other women? How can these traits be applied to help you to become a more successful woman? These are common questions that most women have, however the answer is easy. Any successful woman can tell you that there was a point in their life where things were not as they wished they were and they made the decision and commitment to change that situation.

Many times, women are motivated by learning about other women who were in similar situations to the one they in and that somehow where able to turn their life around and now are happy and fulfilled women.
Sometimes, all that it takes is for a woman to find a good role model that can help her become strong and confident. Not all women were lucky enough to have a good female role model growing up. The presence of strong female influences during childhood can help mold a young woman’s character and will later on influence a woman’s future path. These positive role models are a priceless commodity to any woman.

A Successful Woman

A successful woman by definition is capable of balancing her career and family demands, performing great at work and being a pattern wife. By learning how to balance their life and prioritize, these women successfully balance the different spheres of their life. Successful women do not see themselves as just doing a job. It is their own desire to become business women and to be able to live their lives to the fullest.
Women have special attributes due to their gender that can be employed to create wealth and success. Some of these characteristics are intuition, sensitivity, creativity, passion and nurturing.

Another important factor that helps a woman develop confidence is a support system. Usually this system is presented in the form of sisterhood. When women have a positive support group they are able to accomplish so much more.

In this manner, women are also able to inspire the young women of tomorrow with visions of success. Women are able to do any job and pursue any career option.

Important Money Statistics Amongst Women
Studies have found that while women are increasingly adopting healthy attitudes about money, psychological traits prevent them from acting on those beliefs. They also reported that fear of failure and fear of the unknown are the biggest obstacles to a woman's financial success.

54% of the woman surveyed said they postponed financial decisions for fear of making a mistake.

58% worry after making a big money decision.

74% said lack of knowledge about how to select financial instruments is the biggest stumbling block to becoming more active investors.

There is a direct correlation between a woman's personality characteristics and her financial habits. Assertiveness, openness to change and an optimistic outlook are the qualities that tend to lead to smart money choices.

For instance, out of the 58% of women who said they feel in control of the direction their life is taking, 56% save and invest on a monthly basis and 33% make saving and investing for retirement a top priority.
In contrast, of the 42% who don't feel in control of the direction their life is taking, only 39% save and invest regularly and only 17% make saving and investing for retirement a priority.

More Opportunities For Women Today
Nowadays women have more opportunity to realize themselves not only in business but in any field. Times have changed and nowadays there are more opportunities for women than ever before. This gives women an opportunity to take up positions previously dominated by men, create businesses and become successful, even without leaving their homes.

It is not rare to hear stories about famous women in business, top women CEOs and executives, rising women entrepreneurs and business owners, women on fire, women in politics, and working moms making it big.

Women have the ability to become successful as well as men since they are perfect in managing people, establish business relations, cope with stressful situations and solve problems.

Money Making Opportunities For Women

Due to many different circumstances, traditional jobs may not be an option for many women. Today, these women such as stay at home moms or just women who are looking for additional income have a wide range of options that can work with their lifestyle and schedule. Dean Graziosi presents these women with a great option to profit from real estate in an easy way. Learn some ways you can make it work for you.
An education is the best defense for any problem that a woman may encounter with her self-confidence and self-esteem. Women that are a successful today are not just corporate executives, but also homemakers who were able to create a business operation right from their own home. Dean Graziosi can teach you just how to do it and all the necessary techniques that you need to achieve financial freedom.

Becoming A Successful Woman Today!

Even today, women remain stuck behind economic barriers that put them in economic jeopardy. These barriers have been built from cultural messages that have created a psychological mindset in women, preventing many of them from getting and using money and the resources available to them to their best advantage.

According to the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER):

* Three out of four working women earn less than $25,000 year.
* Nine out of ten working women earn less than $40,000.
* Half of all women work in traditionally female, relatively low paid jobs without pensions.
* Women's earnings average 74 cents for every dollar earned by a man—a lifetime loss of over $250,000.

Women also change jobs more often, are more likely to leave the workforce to care for children or parents, are more conservative with their money, and save less.

A woman's money belief system directly affects her behavior and how she manages money. Money beliefs as emotional responses to childhood money training that often keep women from adopting positive money management skills. The cultural message women receive as girls is: "You don't have to take care of yourself financially." And many women don't.

A woman's economic future is held captive by their attitudes and beliefs about money and the results are daunting. Below are alarming interesting facts for women:

* Women are less likely to receive a pension and those who do receive a pension get half as much as men.
* In 1995, Social Security was the sole source of income for 18 percent of unmarried women 65 and older; 33 percent depended on it for at least 90 percent of their income.
* Over 58 percent of female baby boomers have less than $10,000 saved in a pension plan or 401(k) plan. In comparison, male boomers have saved three times more in pension programs.
* Among women 35 to 55 years old, between one-third and two-thirds will be impoverished by age 70.
* The average female born between 1946 and 1964 will likely be in the work force until she is 74 years old due to inadequate financial savings and pension coverage and will not have adequate resources to maintain the same standard of living prior to age 65.

Taking Control Today

Making a decision to change your financial future is the most important thing a woman can do to break down the money barriers in her live. It is necessary for a woman to bring to money the same sense of clarity, the same sense of intelligence, the same sense of intuitiveness that we bring to other parts her life.

It is that kind of attention backed by a proven system to profit like Dean Graziosi’s; that will help women rebuild their financial future and put them on the road to greater economic security.

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